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We believe that to be human is to be interdependent and interconnected with all of humanity. The absolute sacred nature of each person is the beginning and the end of a just society. The guiding principles of all human interaction must be empathy, love, and respect.

We stand for a fully democratic distribution of power at all levels of society and economic justice through an equitable distribution of wealth. Society must also enable the full human development of all persons, including their mental, physical, and spiritual health. Our ethical imperative is to build a world in which each person is treated as an end, worthy just as they are, and never as a means to another person's ends.


Why PHC and Why Now?

Why PHC?:  PHC is dedicated to creating a new and better world  for all of us.  Utilizing ideas, strategies, and philosophies developed, imagined, and shaped by thinkers, philosophers, sages, clerics, and artists down through the ages, PHC works to make our society, and ultimately the world, a more humane, more caring, and more responsible place.  In our "Reading and Drawing Room", you will find lists of those artworks, texts, stories, artists, writers, musicians, and thinkers who have helped shaped PHC.  In effect, PHC is a tool to rebuild, reconnect, and recapture the feelings, the joys, the hope, and the wonder of being part of both the human family and the planatery family.

Why Now?:  Unfortunately, we are all more disconnected now than ever.  Narrowcasting aims at smaller and smaller audiences, yet is distributed by larger and larger corporations. Dialogue between groups has broken down just when such dialogue is increasingly vital. Resources are artificially made scarecer and jobs are moved here and there without regard to the resulting disruption of families, communities, and even whole countries.


            The mission of Politics For A Human Community is to contribute to making this a better world, through the concept of Tikkun Olam, or Healing The World. We endorse & strongly assert a left critique of society: a complete, democratic redistribution of wealth and political power is the starting point to achieve a just society. We also reject the imposed alienation of a society that trains us to believe, with Margaret Thatcher, that there is no community, only the individual & the family. We believe that to be human is to live in community, interdependent and interconnected with every other person.

            PHC seeks to model, on a small scale, what a world based on community would look like, especially through our Community Support Circle. CSC is where we share our lives over the previous month - as deeply or superficially as each person wants - and tells the group what goods and/or services we need or can offer. We strengthen our emphasis on community by rejecting any form of exchange - even barter - in favor of a "Pay It Forward" model freely giving and receiving in the belief that we ultimately get back at least as much from the community as we give to it.

            We also have two additional meetings in which we seek to explore & advance our mission of Tikkun Olam. PHC’s monthly Political Discussion Group Meeting encourages members to engage in a stimulating review & analysis of recent events & issues from a broad progressive perspective. Our monthly General Membership Meeting both sets the structure of & direction for the future of our group, & takes official PHC stands on political issues, by majority vote of the members.

Email: phc4me@yahoo.com